Warehouse Technologies

Once your sales channels are connected, we are ready to receive products from you and fulfil your orders.

Inbound stock

When your product arrives in the warehouse, it’s scanned with a Newland Orca Handheld device. It is then put away into bin or pallet rack locations from Purchase Orders / Advanced shipping Notices.

Stock is updated in real time on the system & then automatically transmitted to any connected sales channels for inventory sync.

Outbound stock

When a customer places an order through a sales channel, eCommerce software will produce a despatch note which will enable us to pick the correct products from your inventory. Products are then packed and despatched to the customer via a chosen courier.

Shipping alerts are automatically generated so the customer has a peace of mind that his order is on its way.

Reducing costs for our customers

We strive to automate as many tasks as possible to achieve 100% order accuracy for our customers. Our pick and pack routes are automatically generated, while using our Smart engine, we further reduce your costs by matching you to the best possible courier depending on the specific needs of the products you sell.