Amazon FBA Sellers'

Many sellers reported that Amazon significantly reduced their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) storage limit. With the space restricted, they are unable to send in inventory. Without inventory in FBA, they lose sales they could have had.

FBA changed “from a service sellers can rely on to a service they hope Amazon will allow them to use.” A big source of frustration for sellers is the sporadic and seemingly random changes to storage limits followed by poor communication. There have been multiple restrictions like that over the past two years. But the biggest problem is the artificial ceiling on the seller’s revenue.

My company paid Amazon ~$4 million dollars in the last 12 months and we’ve been selling on Amazon for over a decade. I have no idea what they’re doing right now. And neither do they,

Apart from imposing storage limit for Amazon Sellers, Amazon can arbitrarily mark your inventory as defective, as happened to a couple of sellers that quit the FBA solution.

One business owner writes

I recently launched a magnesium supplement on Amazon and sent in 500 units.

About 80 sales in, Amazon flagged 334 units as unfufillable->defective and asked for me to remove the inventory. I contacted support, and they stated it was due to expiry dates, which they then checked, took photos and saw that it was in fact fine 08-2024. Support stated they’d set the status of the products to Available.

But this did not happen, so I enquired again, and received another response that: “food supplement that does not contain ingredient information in the ingredients field” but this is not true either as the ingredients are clearly stated on the product page in the correct field. They then flagged another 69 units as unfulfillable->defective.

I now have to remove all these units, but the expiry dates on them are fine. They sent me photos from the warehouse with the correct dates on the bottle.

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