Pick and Pack

We bulk-pick multiple orders in one optimized route using the latest in warehousing technology. This allows us to dispatch products quickly while offering great picking rates.

For items with expiry dates, we use FIFO (first-in-first-out) picking order, so the products with the same SKUs that came in first get shipped first too.

Your order never gets mixed up with other items as our programmed scanners ensure items’ SKU barcodes are matched with purchasing order barcodes at the packing station.

Using this process ensures 99.5% accuracy rate.

We are accurate,
fast and transparent!

Our automated billing engine ensures that we only charge by each module handled.

The handling of a module is registered via scanner action during a packing process.

Automatic handling ensures that you are charged only for the events that get registered in the system.

Abeo's flexible picking solution allows you to pre-build popular sets of products and set them up in a group.

If we have pre-built a group for you, we'll only charge for one pick

This will give you better profit margin for some products and help reduce your overall costs

Engagement with the customer to promote your brand

Abeo promotes your brand by taking packaging to the next level

Suppplying NFC tags and QR codes to allow your customers to access rewards and claim offers

Marking your packaging with logos and slogans of your choice

Using sustainable materials to align your brand with innovative, waste-free approaches

Simplifying the returns process by supplying ultra-easy-to-use Boomerang™ rapid return boxes