Have you ever felt disappointed when an item you ordered online was delivered damaged?

This experience can damage brand reputations and result in losing loyal customers. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your eCommerce brand, it’s crucial to package your products correctly before dispatching them to customers.

Damaged products not only cause heartache and dissatisfaction for consumers but also create headaches for retailers who often bear the cost of replacing them. Research shows that a significant number of online shoppers have encountered issues such as missing, damaged, or late parcels. Damaged products rank among the top reasons for consumer dissatisfaction with online retailers. In fact, approximately 20% of eCommerce returns can be attributed to product damage.

Preventing product damage during shipping is not only a widespread issue but also a serious concern among consumers. So, what can you do as an eCommerce retailer? Here are some effective strategies provided by our Abeo Logistics team to ensure your products arrive intact:

  • Use high-quality packaging materials that provide enhanced protection, such as corrugated cardboard boxes, custom folding cartons, or rigid boxes.
  • Select packaging that closely matches the size of your products, ensuring a secure fit while allowing room for suitable packing materials (dunnage).
  • Wrap fragile products with appropriate dunnage, like thick bubble wrap, and use cardboard frames to minimize movement.
  • Fill empty space in the packaging with protective materials like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or packing paper to cushion the product.
  • Label packages as “fragile” to alert couriers to handle them with care.
  • Consider investing in shock-absorbing packaging materials, such as shock-absorbing floors, die-cut foam inserts, or stabilizing blocks, to minimize the impact of shock and vibration during transit.
  • Conduct trial runs with different packaging configurations to identify the most effective solution for your products.
  • Track and analyse damage data reported by customers to identify trends and address packaging issues.

Collaborate with a reputable logistics company (Abeo Logistics) that can handle your fulfilment process, ensuring your products reach customers quickly and safely through reliable couriers.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce product damage during shipping and enhance customer satisfaction. At Abeo Logistics, we offer comprehensive eCommerce fulfilment services along with value-added solutions like kitting, assembly, rework, and returns management to support your brand’s success.

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